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      372 Seiten     Author: Masahiko Goko copy: When you are cold, I can give you warmth. More
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      11 Seiten     Author: Gilles Milo-Vacéri Si, pendant trois semaines, Angie a dû se plier à tous les désirs de Kylian et relever quatorze défis tous plus troublants les uns que les autres, c’est maintenant à son tour de dicter les règles du jeu, et d’imposer ses volontés – toutes ses volontés – à Kylian. Un petit jeu qui s’annonce encore plus excitant que le précédent… More
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      47 Seiten     Author: Inconnu Épisode 1 sur 6 : Le Cadavre Inconnu : M. Mirmac est un trentenaire, riche et sportif, que la vie ennuie à mourir. Il a pour domestique un Américain de son âge, Harry Wilson, un homme intelligent et dévoué. Tous deux sont blasés jusqu'au jour où Mirmac décide de mettre du piment dans son existence en embrassant la carrière de détective. Il en profite pour exhorter Harry à jeter son uniforme de domestique pour qu’il devienne son aide, son acolyte, son partenaire... Dès lors, le privé investit son argent au service de son métier, et lui et son compère vont retrouver le goût de l’existence et prouver leurs qualités d'enquêteurs. Car, c’est lorsque l’on frôle la mort que l’on mesure la beauté de la vie, c'est là tout le sel d'un destin fait de péripéties et de dangers. More
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      18 Seiten     Author: Bianca Marconero L'epilogo, 285 giorni dopo, di "Un altro giorno ancora" raccontato dal punto di vista di Andrea. More
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      131 Seiten     Author: AA.VV. The storytelling project “1 hour more” aims to raise public attention about Parkinson’s disease at an international level, providing people with Parkinson’s with emotional and practical support. This storytelling project is realised with the endorsement of the European Parkinson’s Disease Association (EPDA) and the sponsorship of Zambon SpA.The heart of the project is a book of 24 real-life stories of hope and reaction written by a professional author and validated by the EPDA. The stories focus on the value of ‘time’ for people impacted with Parkinson’s, i.e. people with Parkinson’s, carers and healthcare professionals. There is also a practical part to the project, which is represented by a booklet of useful tips suggested by the people who have provided their stories.To support the project, a dedicated digital storytelling platform has been developed – 1hourmore.eu. From here, the community can read interesting stories but also submit their own personal stories on the value of time, answering the key question: “what would you do if you had one hour more a day?”.The identity of the people involved will not be revealed in the book, nor online. They will remain anonymous.The book will be free of charge, and neither the EPDA nor Zambon will receive any compensation for its reproduction and distribution. More
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      154 Seiten     Author: AA.VV. Il progetto di storytelling “1 Hour More” è nato con lo scopo di aumentare la consapevolezza sulla Malattia di Parkinson a livello internazionale dando, a chi ne è affetto, un supporto psicologico e pratico. Questo progetto è realizzato da Bookrepublic, con il sostegno della European Parkinson’s Disease Association (EPDA) e la sponsorship di Zambon SpA.Il libro ha inoltre dato vita ad una piattaforma digitale dedicata, www.1hourmore.eu, in cui gli utenti possono leggere esperienze di vita particolarmente significative sul valore del tempo, e raccontare la propria storia cercando di rispondere alla domanda chiave: “Cosa faresti se avessi un’ora in più al giorno?”. More
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      115 Seiten     Author: Alexa Keating “Design is what you do when you want to express yourself…” if you had time, if you knew how, if you could; you would. But where to start? We all reach a time or place in our life when we look around and no longer feel comfortable in our space; a time when it begins to feel constricting, dark, cluttered or unharmonious. Most people do what they have always done before. You clean it up, move a few things around and maybe even paint; but it’s still not perfect, just better than it was.What makes the difference between a house and a home? Design. A house may have all the same furniture, accessories and lighting, but it’s not a home. Why? Because a home reflects the personalities and passions of the people who reside there. It feels warm and inviting when you step in the door; you recognize that you are in someone’s private space, a refuge. And you instinctively feel the honor of being invited into their private space. And it is an honor. Why doesn’t your home feel like that? How do they do that? They claim their space; they embrace it, love it and fill it with personal touches that are a reflection of who they are, what they feel, where they go and what matters to them.Walk through the door of any house and, if you are observant, you can tell who lives there and what’s important to them by the placement of furniture, pictures and overall look and feel of the space. Look around your home. Does it reflect you? Can you ‘feel’ you inside the space? Is it a reflection of your life and loves?‘The 1 Minute Design Manager’ is a quick reference guide that takes a minute or less for each pointer that will fill your mind with creative and positive ideas to ‘take your space’, claim it and own it proudly. More
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      5 Seiten     Author: Sherri Granato It is considered one of the most diabolical destinations on the planet and for good reason, it hold's nothing back when it comes to the ultimate fear factor. Plain and simple, there is no forgiveness to be had. You can feel the open sores that still run deep, and after only one visit to the island, you realize that it's incredible likeness to the worst possible evil that could actually exist makes it the perfect hell on earth to anything living or dead. More
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      362 Seiten     Author: Duncan Heaster Verse by verse exposition of 1 Samuel, the lives of Samuel, Saul and king David. Part of the New European Christadelphian Commentary series, by Duncan Heaster More
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      13 Seiten     Author: Муниров Александр Пятнадцать лет она не меняется и все эти годы находит меня под новый год, хотя не знает ни номера телефона, ни адреса, ни моего местоположения. По запаху. Здравомыслящий человек скажет: «Бред» и «Так не бывает!». Увы, еще как бывает. More
Kostenlose Kindle eBooks finden
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